Christmas Day!

Well, Christmas Day was a blast.  The little ones were definitely all aglow when they saw what Santa left under the tree.  We, left out some homemade cookies and milk in front of the fireplace for Santa.  The big kids got some nice gifts as well, most of which they opened on Christmas Eve (no fair).  Alexandra got a huge bottle of Chanel Chance, Yankee Candles, Footie PJs, Charlie Brown Christmas hardcover special edition book, and a lot of clothes, plus she is getting new tires for her Rav 4.  Ray got new tires for his car (boy were they hard to wrap), lots of clothes, leather gloves, and other stuff.  Michael got a ton of clothes, hats, gloves, DJ Hero set with the turntable for PS3, some video games for the whole family for the wii, the dance ones that are great for exercise.  Ethan loved the workbench with real working tool sounds and effects, they both loved their Bruder trucks, Zhu Zhu pets were another hit with the kids and dogs alike.  Believe it or not the little ones got so wrapped up in the presents they opened we still have wrapped presents under the tree which they open everyday.  The other big hit was their acoustic guitars and Singamajigs.  Ethan got the Tag Junior reader and books and he really likes that.  Santa brought Mommy a new speedlight for her camera, an extra camera battery, and this neat camera lens travel mug that looks just like a camera lens, bracelet and necklace.  Daddy got a Dallas Cowboys throw, Superman PJs (lol), the new Jimi Hendrix box set (West Coast Seattle Boy), new sweat pants, a mousepad of a favorite picture of him and the little guys, and things I cannot even remember.   Santa also stuffed all of our stockings with goodies as well.  Later in the evening we had a great dinner with a delicious beef roast with organic carrots and fingerling potatoes, a roasted turkey breast, and lots of sweet goodies for dessert.  Later in the evening our cousins stopped by to visit with their two kids.   It was a very long but very blessed day to spend with family and enjoy the greatest gifts of all, each other and love.


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  1. Love your pictures! As a dog lover, I enjoyed the photos of your pups … Happy New Year!

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