Where did the time go? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE JACOB!!!

I cannot believe my baby boy turned two on December 24th.  I cannot believe it has been two years since the icy Christmas Eve that I delivered our miracle.  When I think back to his birth I get chills, and I am so thankful he made it and I do not take any of it for granted.   When his heartbeat started to decrease rapidly and I was just about wheeled in for an emergency C-section to him coming out and being whisked away to the warming table where three nurses worked on him, slapping his little feet giving him oxygen and he was not crying.  The doctor testing the blood gases in the umbilical cord to make sure he was not deprived of oxygen which thankfully he was not.  Not being able to hold him for two hours after his birth while doctors and nurses observed him.  Thankfully about 2 hours after his birth they finally let me hold him.  He nuzzled his little head in my neck and just slept.  He hardly ate, and slept constantly even through blood tests and exams.  He only had a tiny squeak, no crying for this baby boy.  He was just fine everyone assured me, but I needed to hear him cry.  He eventually started to cry and I mean wail just when we were going home.  It was the greatest sound.  Now, my sweet boy talks so much, he is learning his alphabet and singing songs, playing with his brother and doing and learning new things every day.  I know we are so very blessed that Luke was okay, it was a very scary situation at the end and I always refer to it as a traumatic birth.  I look at him many times throughout the day and let him know how much I love him and how badly he scared me.  I am so thankful to see his little smile and that he is such a snuggly bunny and gives me bunches of kisses throughout the day.  My baby is two but he will always be my little baby.

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