Christmas Cookies Everywhere!!!

Well, yesterday we took the little ones to see Santa.  I will post about that by itself.  We also shopped a bit, had dinner and got home very late.  So I was really enjoying a day home to bake.  I had made two doughs the other day and they were chilling.  The first cookie I made was PB & J Thumbprints.  but I only managed to get a dozen and a half into the freezer, they were so good.  Next, I made my spritz dough and made several dozen and got just about everyone in the freezer because I worked fast!  Then I wrapped a ton of presents while the babies napped.  Got another burst of inspiration and took out my chilled gingerbread dough and cut out some men, women and children.  I have them decorated and cooling completely and they will be packed away in the freezer as well.  The other night I made the two sheet cake layers for Luke’s birthday cake and I made cupcakes.  I froze them all to decorate on the eve of the 23rd.   So a pretty good day for baking and wrapping.  Christmas is coming up on us so fast, I cannot believe it.  Well, I better get those Gingerpersons in the freezer before they get eaten.  Hope everyone is getting everything they need to do done and not getting stressed out and forgetting the reason for the season.


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  1. Nice post.. those cookies look great

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