A rainy December Sunday to remember.

Well, the heavy rain has washed away all our snow and the mild temps feel rather balmy.  It did give us the opportunity to tighten up the deck for the real snow.  We did have things secure but someone left one of the gates on the deck opened as I may have mentioned and a couple of  bulldogs had a field day with our patio furniture cover.  By the time the new one came there were a couple of inches of snow covering everything.  However, with today’s mild temps and warm heavy rain we are reset and were able to start again.  It was a clean slate in which to work and for that I am thankful to God and  his divine grace to help us reset.

It is such a busy time of year and I am thankful for the day to stay home and just try to get things ready for the celebrations soon to come.  I cannot believe my baby boy will soon be 2 and on the Holy Night no less!!!  Where did the time go?  I cannot believe it and yet I am so very grateful that we sit here almost two years later after a very traumatic birth and a baby that did not cry for 2 days.  Then the days of hospitalization after we had been released for his jaundice combined with the Winter storms made for a very chaotic first few days.  When I look at him now, with his sweet voice that calls to me, “Hi Mommy” I almost forget that but then I reflect and once again am reminded of God’s grace that blessed us and I am in awe.

As everyone is rushing around,  shopping, cooking, baking, and decorating, let us all take note of the reason for this very blessed of seasons.  Let’s remember what is important and be thankful for all we have been blessed with.  I wish you all the healthiest, happiest and most love filled Christmas Season.  God Bless us every one!!!


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