Gingerbread Perfection!!!

Today the little boys had such a fun time decorating the gingerbread house.  Like I said in my previous post, I did not go into it with any expectations of perfection.  I set up the island with various small bowls and containers with different colored candies.  I put the assembled gingerbread frame house in the middle.  Made some fresh royal icing in the VitaMix and put it into a piping bag.  We put the boys high chairs up to  the island and they were at a perfect height to get started.  I started piping the icing but Ethan soon took over and you know what??? I did not sweat it.  It went very well, he loved piping the icing, he had a few of his own techniques but you know, it worked.  The roof got the most decorations and that was just fine.  He and Luke had a good system.  Ethan would put some icing on and tell Luke to stick the candy.  Ethan said he was “working” it was very funny and they had a great time and despite the sugar rush they both took a very good nap afterward.  When I look at the completed house with all its splendor, that is when it occurs to me, it is definitely perfection!!!

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