Gingerbread Dreams, Sugarplum Wishes!!!

Well, as I type my fingers are still sticky with royal icing.  I just finished assembling  the cottage structure of the gingerbread house, so that tomorrow it will be nice and sturdy for little hands to decorate with a multitude of colored, sweet and tangy candies.  I am not going in with expectations of a perfectly decorated gingerbread cottage that would grace the pages of “Good Housekeeping.”  I am well aware that with having  1 and 3-year-old designers, perfection is not what we are going for.  We will be going for perfectly imperfect.  I imagine between the sugar rush and their little fingers that the finished product will be lucky to come away with all four walls and the roof still attached.  I want to create the memories my children will carry with them as they grow and one day have their own families.  I think those things are so much more important than material things.  So late at night I fumble with the piping bags of sticky icing and mutter under my breath as it takes me a few tries to get the structure standing.   Tomorrow I will be whipping up another batch of the sticky stuff  to use as glue for the decorations.

Visions of chubby little hands sneaking tastes of the sticky sweet stuff and thinking that it is the greatest thing in the world to be decorating with the vast array of treats.  I am sure they will be in Gum Drop Heaven, with all the colors and textures and tastes.   It will be a lot of messy fun and I am looking forward to capturing their little faces on camera.  Those are the memories I want to keep long after the cookie house has crumbled away.  I love seeing the joy of the season through little eyes just discovering  things for the first time.  To see the wonder and the amazement of the season in their faces is so incredible.  I am so blessed to be able to go through this again as my it just goes by in a blink as I know with my older kids.  God was so great to have blessed me with the opportunity to experience it again.  I am so very grateful.

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