Loving the Vitamix!!!

What can I say?  I think it has been a week and I am loving drinking raw green smoothies at least once a day.  I am thrilled that I am eating things like Kale, which I have never eaten before.  I cannot believe the health benefits in Kale, and it is all in its raw form so nothing is taken away through cooking.  I feel like my skin has more elasticity, that I have more energy, less sugar cravings and feel  healthier in general.  Jimi has been enjoying them too and even Luke will sip from my glass.   I made pizza dough in it the other day in the dry container and it worked out great and we had homemade pizza.  I love that we are eating more food we make from scratch than processed food with who knows what in it.  There are so many recipes we want to try and I just love the machine.  It is a cinch to clean too, you just add a drop of dish soap and some warm water and crank that baby up.  It works in a jiffy and with a quick rinse you are all set for the next time.  Some of the concoctions I enjoy are kale, fresh cranberries, kiwi with skin, orange, fresh organic baby spinach, organic baby carrots, apple, banana, grapes, pomegranate and broccoli.  Some may say that sounds gross, but it isn’t.  It is surprisingly good and so healthy for you.   Well, off to whirl that baby up again!!!

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