Not Wowed by Wow Containers.

Okay, well I saw the infomercial on the Wow storage containers weeks ago.  Knew it was most likely just junk.  When I saw them in my grocery store for half price…well figured I would try them.  After all we cook large amounts, have lots of leftovers, make a lot of our own food, ice cream etc.   For $9.99 for the 40 piece set it did not seem to be quite a risk if they were indeed junk.  Well, getting them home it was clear to see they were inferior plastic.  If you tap it too hard it cracks.  It is a good concept but they need to use a high quality plastic.  This plastic is a notch above the plastic used to package strawberries in the grocery store.  Anyway, the do go through the dishwasher and my husband did store ice cream in them.  I find it very hard to latch them.  I can only latch one side and it was when I was tapping the top trying to get it to latch that it cracked.  Oh well, I think they are most like take and toss containers and however long I have them fine but I will not be buying them again.    Another “As Seen On TV” product that is not all it is cracked up to be.  It is definitely as cracked as it pretends not to be.

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