Fall is here!!!

Well, it is officially Fall.  I have to admit we actually are having a pretty nice one this year.  Albeit only the 8th of October and that all can change in a day or less.  I am going to try to remain hopeful that we will have a true Fall this year.   The weather has been very mild, still taking walks, although it is getting dark much earlier and I dread changing the clocks because that will mean it will be dark even earlier.   I really hate that part.

Alexandra is still working in Potsdam but will be home next month!!!   We miss her and she misses us!  Ray had a meeting with the Navy recruiter and all went well, he took Michael with him because Michael wants to join as soon as he graduates this year.  Ethan and Luke are having a good time as usual.  Ethan is a great big brother to Luke.  He tries to teach him the right way to eat with his utensils, play basketball and other things.  He is always encouraging with a “Good Job Luke” even when he is less than successful in shooting a basket.  Of course they still have their moments of bickering but it is better for the most part.  Ethan is understanding that Luke is getting very wise and the idea of giving him a rock or a stick in trade for something like a tractor is not going to cut it anymore.  He is also pretty receptive if Luke cries, he will say “Come on Luke, stop crying.”   So for the most part he is a loving brother but there is still the occasional body tackle.

Jimi and I are very busy with the laser business and it is very time-consuming but we are so grateful for the opportunity we have to do something like this.  Jimi had his birthday on September 15th.  I made him a yellow cake with my signature dark chocolate buttercream icing and it was delicious!!!

I am missing the garden as it is past its season.  I loved going out and having the inspiration for a zucchini, eggplant, tomato pasta right there in front of me.   Oh well that is the chain of life and we will start planning for next year.  I hope the winter is not too bad in terms of ice.  Ice is the worst, no one can drive on it no matter if you have 8 wheel drive.  I have a good start on Luke’s birthday presents,  and not too bad of a start on both little one’s Christmas presents.  I even have some stuff for Alexandra already.

Jimi and I and the little boys had a nice outing at local horse farm a couple of weeks ago.  We went on a tractor pulled hay ride the boys just loved.  They also had their first pony ride which was a huge hit.  Luke is starting to talk more in sentences and is such a character, he loves saying things like, “Look, see the tractor!”  He is really developing his personality.  Ethan is having a great time as usual and enjoying playing sports and with his tractors and trucks.  He loves phonics DVDs and I am going to start working on some preschool reading, phonics and math with him.  He likes counting things but is that any wonder?

The boys are monkeys for Halloween, in fact the Halloween photo cards just came in the mail today and they are so cute.  I hope it is a nice day on Halloween and not a deep freeze.  I think Ethan will get a real kick out of it this year.  Last year Jimi and I took them out shopping in their costumes, they were still too little to really understand.  This year I know Ethan will have a blast.

Well, I better sign off for now as I have a thousand and one things to do.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful, blessed Autumn!!!  God Bless!!!

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