Wednesday, Rainy Wednesday!

Today was a more fall like than near Summer rainy cool day.  I definitely did not have to worry about watering the gardens or flower beds today.  Days like this we huddle inside cozy and warm and enjoy some movies.  Ethan chose, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Homeward Bound.”  Luke watches them as well in between honing his new-found walking skills.  Since learning to walk finally on June 2nd he has been a walking maniac. 

Yesterday Sylvia and I took another marathon walk and at the end we ran into the local farmer who told us that the new store they opened in the bordering town has a full cider mill as well as produce and meats.  I look forward to taking the kids to see the cider pressed in the fall.  I miss visiting the cider mill because with the older kids the one in town was functioning and it was always a fun activity.  I am glad the little boys will be able to experience such a thing so close to home.

This Sunday we are planning to go to the Tractor Parade in Callicoon.  I know the boys will just love it as they are both into tractors and trucks and anything with wheels. 

I am also trying to get Ethan signed up for swimming lessons and attempting contact with a woman who I was told was opening a pre-school in the fall.  So far I have not had my call returned but I am hopeful I will soon.

Well tomorrow hopefully will be nice as Sylvia have a nice walk planned and I am looking forward to it.

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