#PampersDreams Instagram Contest & #Giveaway

We all have dreams for our children as parents. In the beginning, adjusting to a newborn, your biggest dream for you child will probably be that they sleep through the night!  Sleeping through the night is much easier for babies who have comfortable diapers that offer overnight protection.

Waking up to a baby crying because their diaper leaked and everything is soaking wet is not pleasant for baby or parent. With Pampers diapers you can rest assured knowing your little one has overnight protection that will help them sleep soundly so they can achieve their dreams. It goes without saying that when baby is sleeping soundly, mommy and daddy usually are too!

Pampers logo

Pampers recently teamed up with swimmer Dana Vollmer for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This is Dana’s first Olympic Games since she had her son Arlen.

Pamper's Dreams Dana

Dana was committed to getting back into swimming after becoming a mom. She wanted Arlen to grow up recognizing the importance of hard work and be an inspiration to him right from the start.  Dana hopes to ignite her son’s own passion for success by having him witness his mom achieving her dreams as a competitive swimmer.

Pampers Dreams Dana Son


Win a $400 AMEX Gift Card!

pampers graphic orig

Pampers is having a #PampersDreams Instagram Contest from June 20th – June 30th. The winner will received a $400 AMEX gift card!


1. Post a picture of your little one sleeping and caption it with a big dream that either they have or that you have for them using #PampersDreams
2. Follow Pampers on Instagram

You can stay in the loop with Pampers on Facebook and Twitter too!

Enter Our Giveaway To Win A #PampersDreams Prize Package!

Mommy Ramblings is having a giveaway for a #PampersDreams Prize Package which includes:

$50 Babies R Us Gift Card
Pampers Diapers

Giveaway Rules:

To enter just use the Rafflecopter widget below. Winner will need to provide a physical address (no PO Boxes) and telephone number for shipping purposes. Entrants are only eligible to win one #PampersDreams prize package from participating bloggers.  Winner will be able to choose diaper size. Open to US residents, 18 yrs and older. Good Luck!!!


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Top Sports Essentials For Your Little Athlete

With 5 kids who all play sports and a husband who is a world champion power lifter, it goes without saying we are an active family. We love that our kids are not couch potatoes. They literally spend every waking moment in some type of action. Our sons Ethan and Luke are finishing the baseball season and living on a lake we are always swimming during the summer as well as biking and hiking. My oldest is training for the New York Marathon!

As we wind down baseball season I thought I would talk about some essential things to help kids get the most they can out of the sport and also be safe.

Body ARmor

Top Little League Baseball Essentials:

Glove- A good baseball glove is essential. I know as the mom of 3 left-handed kids how hard it can be to find mitts for them. Start early in the season when you are buying one or you might be running everywhere trying to find one. Take your child with you and let them try it on. You never want to buy a glove that is too big. If the glove is too big it will make trying to catch balls awkward and will discourage them. The glove should fit snug without feeling tight. Remember too, gloves will loosen up naturally so size it carefully.

Batting gloves are also nice to have and help your child with gripping the bat. Again choose batting gloves that are sized correctly and are made well.

Batting Helmet- We buy our own batting helmets for our kids because we don’t like kids sharing helmets. First off by buying our own we know our kids have helmets that fit them properly and are offering them the best protection. Second sharing hats or helmets could put your child at risk in contracting head lice, no one wants that. Make sure the batting helmet meets the industry standards and is accepted by your child’s league.

Bat- Choose a bat that fits your child, nothing is worse than having your child get up to bat and hastily choosing a bat that is too big, too heavy or uncomfortable and trying to make the best of it. Your child will not do well and get discouraged. They should also be practicing between games with the bat so they are confident when they are up at the plate. Take your child with you and choose a bat that is correct for their age and height. Some kids like heavier bats and some lighter, if you let your child try a few, they can see which they prefer.

Body Armor 2

Baseball Cleats-It goes without saying that proper footwear is necessary to play any sport but with baseball you want cleats that fit well and will increase their performance and traction during the game and during drills at practice.

There are many other things you can get like a bat bag, special eye wear, jock straps, baseball socks and so much more! However, I think one of the most important things and one not to be overlooked is something to keep your child hydrated. A good sports drink is absolutely essential! As a mom I don’t like giving my kids sports drinks that are full of sugar, artificial flavors and colors. I want a healthier sports drink for my kids. I found it in BODYARMOR, the #1 Natural Sports Drink!

bodyarmor bottles

BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink with potassium-packed electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins and contains natural flavors, natural sweeteners and no artificial colors, unlike traditional sports drinks.

Body Armor 5

Many of the top professional athletes have chosen BODYARMOR over all other sports drinks, including Andrew Luck, Richard Sherman, Mike Trout and James Harden. BODYARMOR is a  GREAT choice for young athletes who don’t need all the extra sodium in their diets or the artificial ingredients that come from drinking other sports drinks on the market.

Body Armor 1

BODYARMOR Is Available in 8 Delicious Flavors:

Fruit Punch

Orange Mango

Strawberry Banana

Tropical Punch

Lemon Lime

Mixed Berry


Blackout Berry

body armor 4

BODYARMOR is available at Stop & Shop, Target, 7-Eleven and WaWa among others. You can visit the BODYARMOR website to learn more and stay in the loop with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you think you would like to give BODYARMOR a try, I have good news! Now you can save when you try it with this downloadable coupon. Click HERE to get your coupon. Please let me know if the comments what you think after you try it.

This post was sponsored by BODYARMOR. As always my words and opinions are my own.

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Save During Lemonade Days at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Here in New York, the last day of school is tomorrow. If you are thinking about fun family trips to take with your kids, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA is a great choice! Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom has been bringing thrills and fun to visitors for 132 years. If you like roller coasters the historic ThunderHawk that originally opened as “The Coaster” back in 1924 has been refurbished for the 2016 season. The ThunderHawk has all new trains and is totally repainted to resemble the original design. The outline of the classic wooden roller coaster is outlined in bright, white lights to remind riders of timeless American wooden roller coasters of days past.

DP 15

DP 14

DP 20DP 17

Don’t despair if you are not a thrill rider because Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom truly has something for everyone. Whether you come for water slides to seek relief from the summer heat, love the thrill rides, want to try your hand at games of chance or skill,  live events, Dinosaurs Alive or kid’s rides and fun in Planet Snoopy, you will find it!


Our family just spent Father’s Day there and we had a blast!  If you have little ones, KidsFest is taking place in Planet Snoopy on Saturdays and Sundays from June 17- 26 from 11 am- 5 pm. There are lots of fun activities like craft stations, science demonstrations, a petting zoo and special character opportunities. Our kids loved the trivia contest where they each got a Dorney Park mini fan after answering some fun questions about the Peanuts Gang and Dorney Park. Schroeder also had a sing-a-long and Lucy, Charlie Brown and Linus were there donned in their camp attire! There are plenty of character photo opts too!

DP 5

DP 2

DP 21


DP 6

DP 23


Planet Snoopy is full of fun rides like the Kite Eating Tree, Snoopy’s Moon Bounce, Peanuts Road Rally, Woodstock’s Express and much more! Woodstock’s Express is a runaway train kid’s coaster that our kids just loved!

DP 10

DP 24

DP 9

DP 4

DP 8


This June Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom wants everyone to feel like a kid so everyone pays the kids price for tickets and a portion of online ticket sales goes to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and the fight against childhood cancer. Now you can spend the day riding heart-racing coasters and waterslides, knowing there’s a heartwarming cause behind all the fun.

DP 11

If you do take a trip to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom by June 30th, share your photos online with the hashtag #OneDorneySmileAtATime and Dorney Park will donate $1 to help make an impact on those children battling who are battling cancer.  Now that is a great reason to capture and share those smiles!

DP 3

DP 18

DP 12

DP 19


You can learn all about the events going on at Dorney Park HERE! Keep up with Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments. If you do go to Dorney Park, let me know how you liked it in the comments too!



This post is sponsored by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand, and I have been compensated for my participation. As always my words and opinions are my own.”

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Love, Legacy, Family and Faith is woven within My Mother’s Quilts.-Win A Quilt!

Today is my mother’s birthday and she is celebrating in Heaven. Loss and grief are hard, the loss of a mother is profound. The other weekend I was talking with a friend about loss. The loss of our mothers. I told her about the way my mother died a few days after having a massive brain stem stroke. I spoke about the suddenness of it all and how my life changed forever with her passing.   I told her there were so many things I still needed to ask her and so many questions I have that only she knows the answers to. She told me that it really was best she went that way for her but it is hard on those left behind. She is right. My mother and I were very close and every day I think of things that I want to ask her, a recipe, a memory, a question about something we did and yet I can’t.

Ramona Richard’s book, My Mother’s Quilts is about her mother who was a master quilter. Quilting was her mother’s passion and the quilts all had a story. Ramona’s mom did not die unexpectedly and she was able to tell her daughter that she wanted the quilt she made with her mother’s handkerchiefs on her coffin instead of flowers. She was able to share the stories behind the quilts and now Ramona is passing them on in this book. This book is made up of the stories of the quilts and a matching devotion that shares the message of God’s grace and faithfulness. Every chapter begins with a Bible verse and ends with a prayer starter. The lessons of the quilts are applicable to anyone’s life. There are fundamental lessons of honoring the lives of those that have gone before us, accepting the flaws in the people we love, accepting one another and so many more.

My Mother's Quilt Book

At the end of the book Ramona shares that she is finishing a quilt that her mother worked on until her eyesight and stamina started to wane a couple of years before her death. She found the bow tie quilt in a white sack on the top of her mother’s closet. The quilt was almost finished, it just need the last few squares to be quilted and the binding attached. Ramona sat with the quilt and knew she wanted it finished. Her first thoughts were to ask someone to finish it but then she realized that she needed to do that.

Ramona is not a quilter but she said quilting is in her blood and this is her mother. She thought that we may be quick to let other people do the work we need to, teach our children about life and faith, take care of loved ones and volunteering where we’re needed. Scripture reminds us that we won’t be judged on the earthly things we accomplish. Instead, God looks at our heart and how we lived our beliefs. So while Ramona’s stitches are not as tiny or as straight as her mother’s, finishing the quilt is her way of saying,  “You ran a great race. Thank you, Mom. I’ll take it from here.” To learn more about Ramona visit her website.

The last prayer starter asks the Lord to help us remember that one of the best ways we can honor those that came before us is to continue sharing all that they have given to us. Amen

Win A Quilt Contest!

Win one of the quilts featured in #MyMothersQuilts by Ramona Richards. Also up for grabs: loads of other prizes including quilting hand warmers, coloring books, and 25 signed copies of Ramona’s book. Winners will be emailed after the contest ends on June 30, 2016. Click the image to enter!





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Restoring Gut Health With #NuCulture


Let’s talk about health, after all, what is more important than good? Did you know that bacteria can hold the key to good health? You may think of bacteria as bad, germy or something to clean out of our body but there are good bacteria that help us. Probiotics are good bacteria and they are normally found in our gastrointestinal tract. They work to overpower the bad bacteria in our intestines and reduce infection and other disease. They also keep our immune system functioning at its best and help reduce inflammation. Probiotics help our intestinal lining to function at its optimal level to enhance our health and protect us from the effects of harmful bacteria.

nuculture good bad

When our balance of good and bad bacteria in our intestinal track gets out of wack all kinds of unpleasant conditions and symptoms can arise. Inflammatory bowel syndrome, cancer, heart disease and metabolic syndrome are just some of the diseases associated with intestinal imbalance. You might be surprised to know that there may also be a link to asthma, obesity and even certain allergic conditions.

More than 100 million Americans are suffering from digestive issues. Several factors can affect the balance of good and bad bacteria in our gut. Overuse of antibiotics, eating processed foods, lack of sleep, aging, stress and even environmental factors like pollution can have negative effects and be detrimental to the good bacteria our bodies need. The good news is that we can help to restore balance with probiotics. When we have a healthy balance we can see big changes in our overall health. A balanced gut can help with issues like lactose intolerance, gas, bloating, constipation, bad breath, body odor, colitis, IBS and more!

So you might think it’s as simple as going to the store and grabbing a bottle of probiotics off the shelf but it’s not that simple. Not all probiotics are the same! Most probiotics available use strains that are not clinically studied, not patented, not stable, not formulated in doses that are clinically proven to be effective, and not even delivered alive. Most probiotics are nothing but a bottle of hype.


AlternaScript wanted to change this, so, they teamed up with 3 of the industry’s powerhouses and developed NuCulture. NuCulture has 5 clinically studied live probiotic strains for digestive and gut health in 1 capsule. NuCulture contains 15 Billion CFU high-potency probiotics and helps promote good bacteria with PreforPro® Prebiotic.

15 Billion CFU High-Potency Probiotics:
  • DE111® Bacillus subtilis
  • Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07™
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM®
  • Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04™
  • Lactobacillus paracasei Lpc-37™
  •    Better Health
  •    Reduce bloating
  •    Support digestion
I have been a big proponent of taking probiotics for several years now. I understand that not all probiotics are created equal. Taking probiotics have helped me feel better and look better. I was excited to try NuCulture and I can say they are a great choice when choosing a US manufactured probiotic that is clinically studied and formulated with live probiotic strains. Some issues  I experienced before using probiotics were bloating and digestive issues after eating. NuCulture is effective in keeping these issues at bay. There is also a reduction in my cravings for sugar. If you would like to try NuCulture for yourself, there is a free 7 day trial including free shipping. To get your free trial click HERE! You can also stay in the loop with AlternaScript on Facebook.
Let me know if you try NuCulture and what you think in the comments.



This post was made possible through iConnect and AlternaScript. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. As always my words and opinions are 100% my own. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.Results may vary. Although this product helped me with the issues I mentioned, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Bacon Bouquet For Father’s Day #ChefsCutJerky

Father’s Day is tomorrow and my husband got an early present, a bacon bouquet! You probably think that sounds funny but he really did. He is not really into flowers, truth be told he does not know the difference between a flower and a weed most of the time. That has led to some huge problems when he decides to just weed my flower beds without telling me, but let’s not go there now.  Back to the bacon. My husband likes jerky so when I found out I could get him a Chef’s Cut Real Bacon Jerky bouquet it was a no-brainer. Chef’s cut handcrafted bacon jerky has real ingredients and is slow-smoked to crispy perfection. This man’s bouquet is perfect to celebrate the special Dad in your life.

chefs cut bouquet

The  Bacon Bouquet arrived in a bouquet box, and included 8 packages of bacon jerky in 3 different flavors: Siracha Style, Maple Style and Applewood Style. My main beef with bacon is the nitrates so when I found out Chef’s Cut Bacon Jerky was nitrate free…you really can have your bacon and eat it too! Beyond that my husband thought it was an awesome Father’s Day Gift! He said it was really tasty and he loved the varieties. It is also much healthier than you might think.

chef's cut bacon 3chef's cut bacon

chef's cut bacon 2


The jerky is made with uncured bacon that is marinated in chef-crafted seasonings. Each piece is a thin, crispy piece of hog heaven because they smoke each piece slowly. Chef’s Cut has no MSG, no Nitrates and is Gluten Free. Bacon and Jerky Lovers of the world know that is something to rejoice about. If there can’t be bacon flowers, at least there can be bacon bouquets!


You can see all Chef’s Cut products on their website and stay in the loop with them on Facebook and Twitter.


I received a bacon bouquet as a blogger working with Chef’s Cut and #SocialBttrflyCo. All my words and views are 100% my own as always.

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Save Money While Cleaning Your Air! #HimalayanSalt

I like to keep things natural as possible in my home. Did you know that Himalayan Salt Lamps  are all-natural air purifiers? These pristine pink Himalayan salt crystal lamps clean the air in your home while providing a warm, stunning glow that enhances any decor.


These unique health and wellness lamps are available from the Himalayan Salt Shop.  Himalayan Salt Lamps have been popular in Europe for decades, but have only recently become known in the United States.  Visit www.HimalayanSaltshop.com to learn more. If you decide to order one of these unique, natural lamps use code USFAMILY for 20% off.




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Get A Free Vigoroom Membership & Enter To Win an iPad Mini


I have some awesome news to share with all of you today! Vigoroom is a free membership site that has everything you need to help you be happy, healthy  & Fit! There are free programs to lose weight, reduce and manage stress, help you sleep better, improve your finances and so much more!



You can sign up for a free membership now by clicking HERE!


Want more good news? I knew you would say yes! There is a special giveaway you can enter below with a grand prize of an iPad mini and a one-on-one Skype session with your choice of any of Vigoroom’s experts below. There are 10 other incredible consolation prizes so there will be 11 winners! The giveaway ends on July 13th so enter now!

Vigoroom image

Available experts for the grand prize winner:


  • “America’s Trainer” Kathy Smith has helped millions of women get in shape and is ready to help you find your inner fitness enthusiast.
  • “Your Financial Lifeguard” Christine Luken gives you her special formula to reduce debt, increase savings and lower your stress.
  • Kent Burden has trained celebs like Julia Roberts and can guide you to a healthier way of eating and more positive mindset.
  • Professor and clinical psychologist Christine Hatchard offers a roadmap for dealing with issues like emotional eating, depression and anxiety.
  • Attorney Laura Fredricks provides you with amazing insights into how you handle money so you can get more of what you want in life.
  • Therapist Shawn Quinlivan is a master of guided imagery and hypnotherapy and can change your world with just one conversation.

vigoroom graphic

This giveaway is open for US residents only, 18 years or older, void where prohibited! Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!!!


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We Had A Howling Good Time At Great Wolf Lodge!

Great Wolf Lodge Collage

If you are looking for a fun filled family getaway, get ready to have a howling good time at Great Wolf Lodge. Located in the scenic Pocono Mountains of  Pennsylvania this resort features a never ending array of activities that will delight parents and kids alike.




From the moment we checked in, we were greeted with smiling, helpful staff who went above and beyond in every way possible to make our stay perfect in every way. The kids were given Wolf Passes upon check in that were able to be redeemed for all kinds of things inside the resort as well as activities like the Ropes Challenge.

GWL 19
GWL 5They had a nice surprise of goodies waiting in our room to welcome us. We appreciate the extra things they did to make us feel welcome.

The water park was very clean and had ample seating around the attractions. There were cabanas that could be rented as well. There is pool side wait staff if you want to order drinks. Unlike other water parks you can bring food and drinks into this water park.  That is very nice, especially if you have a family member with special dietary needs.

The Big Foot Pass was a favorite of my son Ethan as well as my husband. They navigated their way across a pool holding onto cargo nets above or braving it and not holding anything as they jump onto giant floating lily pads. A great way to build dexterity and strength while having fun! Videos for this will be on our YouTube Channel soon.

GWL 61

We spent great family time in Crooked Creek swimming in single or double tubes as well as free swimming. There is a gentle current but don’t be fooled in thinking this is a calm lazy river! You are bound to get soaked by the overflowing buckets that seem to know just when to empty their water onto your head! It is all great fun, even when you get soaked!

Speaking of soaked, Fort Mackenzie is a water tree house with multiple levels of splash-crazy fun! Interactive water toys and kid activated splash features line the way to the Totem Tower Body Slides! Listen for the bell and then take cover if you can because that means the gigantic bucket on top is ready to tip and when it does…you are going to get drenched!


GWL 30


GWL 67

GWL 69

 The Slap Tail Pond Wave Pool is fun for all. A beach like shallow entrance  leading up to a max depth of 5 feet allows you to walk out and play in the waves. The waves roll in and out giving you some calm water time before then next batch of waves comes rolling in.
GWL 22
GWL 21
GWL 23


Our family enjoyed an awesome breakfast buffet with choices of  farm fresh eggs, apple wood smoked bacon, signature wolf waffles, organic yogurts, granolas, made-to-order omelettes, fresh fruits, berries and much more at The Loose Moose Family KitchenSeasonal family lunches roll out lighter fare, and dinners overflow with entrées inspired by world cuisine. Of course no vacation is complete without dessert and they have a simply splendiferous variety of desserts.


On the water park level there is the Hungry Like A Wolf   which is just what we were after staying  until closing at the Water Park. A large pizza and a bottle of ice tea hit the spot! Crowd pleasers like Brooklyn style, hand-stretched pizza, savory Italian and meatball Parmesan sandwiches, garlic cheese bread and freshly made salads fill the menu. You can call ahead and make make meal time a snap with easy pick-up.

Hungry As A Wolf

There is a Starbucks on the 2nd floor and for convenient poolside dining choose Grizzly Jack’s Bar & Grill or Buckets Incredible Cravables. Have a Sweet Tooth? Whether you want fudge, ice cream, cake, cupcakes or cookies, Bear Paw Sweets & Eats is the place!




Bear Paw Sweets

GWL 45


The staff in the stores and attractions are very friendly and helpful. Our kids loved redeeming their wolf pass in the Creation Station where they could choose to make their very own Great Wolf Lodge Character. There are lots of outfits and clothing choices for these critters that really makes creating their new friend super fun!  They were also able to activate a Clubhouse Crew game to play with their new friend and when they helped Sammy Squirrel find her nuts they were able to return to the  for a prize!


GWL 64

GWL 12


GWL 46

We had a full-immersion 4-D thrill ride at the Howlywood XD Theater.  After choosing our movie we were taken to our seats to strap in for a multi-sensory adventure that we will never forget as we traveled along a haunted mine! The motion enhanced chair, glasses and special effects transported us to a totally different dimension.howlywood-1-img9463-800x533

Next we embarked on some dazzling mini golf at the Howl At The Moon Glow Golf indoor course. The kids had a blast putting and swinging along a nature-themed filled challenging course of black light illuminated fun!

GWL 42

For fun with something bigger than a golf ball we headed off to Ten Paw Alley for some exciting bowling fun!

GWL 41

GWL 40

Howlers Peak Ropes Course can elevate your family adventure to a whole new level. When you are ready to come down there is the Raccoon Lagoon Play Park to roast marshmallows or play a giant game of checkers.


The Northern Lights Arcade lets you get your game on in a big way! This  gigantic arcade is filled with fun things to do for kids of all ages. All kinds of driving games, air hockey, basketball and much more provide some game fun for everyone! Our kids were able to redeem some of their tickets for adorable crock charms of the Great Wolf Lodge logo and characters.GWL 35

GWL 33

GWL 34

GWL 32



GWL 47

GWL 51

Our kids were busy with something the entire stay and said it was the best water park resort they have ever been to! They wanted to know if people could live here  and before we left wanted to know when we could come back!

Have you been to Great Wolf Lodge? If you have or are planning a trip please let me know in the comments. If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments and I will answer to the best of my ability! Visit YouTube to see our video compilation of our experience HERE! More Videos will be posted soon. Also check out the videos and photos posted on Instagram.

Stay in the loop with Great Wolf Lodge on their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram



Although we were provided with a media trip and sponsored perks my words and views are 100% my own.

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Help Kids To Stay Safe Through Play #DumbWaysJR

I think as parents one of the most important things we want to do as parents is keep our kids safe. We want them to understand how to be safe and not to be careless especially around things that can hurt them. Teaching them the importance of safety in the kitchen and around trains is very important.

So many needless accidents occur around trains, train stations, platforms and crossings. In 2012 a very popular PSA campaign Dumb Ways to Die effectively communicated the message that it is dumb to take risks that have serious consequences, especially around trains. While the message is very effective in educating people about the risks, the graphics are a bit too graphic and gory for younger children.

dumb ways jr logo

I was thrilled to be able to try out two Dumb Ways JR Apps to help younger children learn through play how to be safe. Dumb Ways JR Boffo’s Breakfast and Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set are available for download for iOS at the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Dumb Ways Jr. Boffo’s Breakfast

boffo breakfast log

Dumb Ways Jr. Boffo’s Breakfast helps even young children who can’t read have fun while learning. They can create so many combinations and recipes for a very hungry Boffo to eat. There is a cutting board where they can choose whatever ingredients they want. Then they can cut them, dice them or grate them. They can feed him the foods one at a time without cutting or cooking them and they get a kick out of seeing his reaction to certain foods. Sometimes he burps, holds his stomach, passes gas, gets the hiccups and more. He falls asleep if children are not interacting with the app.

dumb ways jr app

There are no limits to the amount of ingredients they can use, they can feed him one thing or a combo of several things. After they have the ingredients they can use the mixer and then cook it up for Boffo. He will then eat what they made and show his reaction to it. When they are using the stove, if they turn it up to 4 or 5 (the highest settings) Boffo gets nervous and it serves as a springboard for discussion as to why. The flames on the stove also increase when the child turns up the stove.

There is a parents guide that comes with the app to explain how parents can assist their child in learning key concepts while having fun. Dumb Ways JR Boffo’s Breakfast app can be downloaded for iOS at the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set:

loopy's train set logo

In Loopy’s Train Set, players can select from two modes of play: Drive or Build. In Drive mode there are 3 levels and kids use controls on the screen to drive Loopy’s train on the track. They do not have to steer the train but they can choose from forward and reverse and 4 different speeds- stop, 1, 2, or 3.

There are waiting passengers at the train station and kids need to stop the train and pick them up. They assist passengers on and off the train. The app design encourages kids to create their own dialogue when helping passengers board or exit the train. The first level has a basic track but in level 2 the track is larger and has a tunnel, more track direction options and more train stations. Level 3 has all that and more, there are bridges, railroad crossings, more track and options to keep the app fresh and exciting.

dumb ways jr 2

dumb ways jr


In Build mode, the children are the designers. They create their own unique track by arranging and connecting different-shaped pieces of track. They can also add  houses, trees and animals to their scene to really customize it. After the track is built they can drive Loopy’s train on it. There are 3 levels starting with the simplest and as the levels go up so do the choices of track and other options that kids can choose to add to their track. The ability to build their own track keeps it fresh and fun because they can build something different each time! Dumb Ways Jr 3

Through this fun app kids can learn about various aspects of train safety. They will come to understand that characters cannot cross the tracks and the boom gates at the level crossings automatically come down when the train approaches. This provides the opportunity for parents and caregivers to expand on these concepts to talk about being safe around trains in a productive way. There is also a parents guide that gives parents tips on how they can get the most out of the app for their child.

You can download Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

My kids really had fun with these apps. Of course being kids they took great pleasure in seeing Boffo have certain reactions to the food they gave him. They really loved the option they had to create their own train route in Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set. Since my kids have an older sister who works as an analyst for a major transit organization it really opened the dialogue about train safety even more!

The apps appeal to a range of senses so they really work with whatever type of learning kids like. The apps encourage kids to problem solve and role play which gets them really thinking. These are definitely favorite apps for them and I feel good there is that learning intertwined throughout.
dumb ways jr bye


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