Things To Consider When Choosing An Essential Oil Diffuser #Giveaway

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I love using essential oil diffusers in my home. They are so beneficial in numerous ways. I love the aromatherapy effects that the diffused oil produces. There are so many diffusers on the market and you may be confused with all the choices. Like anything you have the subjective factors like one’s taste and preferences. Some like  diffusers that have multiple LED light options, others do not, some like larger diffusers, others prefer smaller ones,  some like the gently bubbling sounds and others are bothered by the sound. You also need to consider where you want to place it in your home or office.

Aiho in actions

I can speak to you about my preferences and taste. I love large volume diffusers. I adore the LED lights that change or remain fixed. To me they are very soothing and relaxing. I like a diffuser that has a very good mist output. I have found all that and more in my newest aroma ultrasonic diffuser from Aiho. You can see my video below.


This diffuser has awesome features. It has a huge 500 ml capacity! This diffuser will run for hours without needing to be refilled. Large volume diffusers like this are great to run overnight or all day without having to be refilled. There are 2 mist settings-low and high, the diffuser of course will run longer on low. The lights are so nice and can be set to change colors or stay fixed on one color. There are seven light colors but each one has 2 shades of intensity. The lights can also be turned off. There are timed run options starting at one hour and going up in increments. It also has a constant on until empty when the unit will shut itself automatically when the water tank is empty.

Aiho in actions

This diffuser has nice clear markings so you can add the amount of water you desire from 100 ml to 500 ml. It also has a gentle and soothing bubbling sound as the ultrasonic diffuser works to push the oil through the water volume and into the air. The cord on the plug is nice and long and allows you to have a lot of flexibility on the placement of the unit. I truly love this diffuser. If you are looking for a high-capacity diffuser with great LED lights, choice of mist speeds and run time options, you should check this out. It is available right on Amazon.

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Mommy Ramblings’ readers can save 20% now when you use this coupon code YY62AQCW  when you purchase the diffuser on Amazon! Click HERE to Redeem!


aiho my pic


Aiho is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win their own Aiho 500 ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (Model AD-P1). Thank you to Aiho for the review product and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Aiho, Aromatherapy Essential Oil 500 ml Ultrasonic Diffuser Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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How To Give Your Dog A Bath Without Getting A Bath!

I have 3 white dogs, never realized just how crazy that was and no, it was not planned. They are definitely different shapes, sizes and breeds. We have a huge, muscular purebred American Bulldog, a medium West Highland White Terrier and a tiny Maltese. They all have extremely different coat types too. The bulldog has a short, straight coat that sheds. The Westie has a wiry non-shedding coat that does not have an undercoat. The Maltese has a thick double coat of silky non- shedding fur.

delilah laying grass

delilah step sleeping

Living up in the mountains, we  do not have a ready supply of dog groomers, nor do we have any mobile grooming vans. I take care of the grooming. We even put a huge farmhouse sink in our laundry room with an awesome faucet to bathe the two smaller and messier ones. I am very lucky because they like their baths and do not mind at all clipping, scissoring, brushing and combing.


zoey sit

The worst part of the bath is that dreaded shake. You know what I mean, the one that happens just as you are trying to find a towel. The one that leaves you wet from head to toe. Ugh, I hate that, but I have good news. I no longer have to search for the perfect towel. I have the perfect drying towel now and it is so super large and absorbent I can use it on both these hairy beasts and still use it for the bulldog without issue.


Delilah 6


The e-cloth For Pets, Large Drying & Cleaning Towel is so large it absolutely surrounds my Maltese many times over. She loves that part after a bath where I wrap her in the towel and then dry her. By the time I take it off she is nearly dry. The bigger Westie who is always second for baths gets wrapped up after her and the towel still has so much absorption power that her wiry coat is barely damp after I am done. Whether you have one or multiple dogs this towel is a must. It will keep you dry, get your dogs dry and is built to last.

Large Drying Cloth

  • Quickly removes and locks away dirt, mud and bacteria
  • Absorbs twice as much moisture as a conventional towel and dries four times more quickly
  • Soft to touch and encourages pets to cuddle into
  • Guaranteed for 300 machine washes
  • size: 59.1″ x 31.5″


e-cloth is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win the e-cloth Large Pet Drying & Cleaning Towel. Thank you to e-cloth for the review product and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

e-cloth For Pets, Large Drying & Cleaning Towel Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Monster Truck Destruction Tour Coming To New Jersey!

If you have Monster Truck fans in your family, you are going to want to read this! The Monster Truck Destruction Tour is making its way to the SUN NATIONAL BANK CENTER in  Trenton, New Jersey! Advance discount tickets are available online at, by phone at 1-800-298-4200, or at the Box Office (609) 656-3200. Adult tickets start at $20 and kids 2-11 start at $5, kids 2 years old and under are free! Event is indoors and as one would expect will be very loud. Bring ear protection for little ones! It is best to purchase tickets now as they may increase the day of the show.

monster truck tour 3
Monster Truck Lineup:

BIGFOOT… The truck that started it all!
CRUSHTATION… This Monster is straight from Casco Bay!
BEAST…Nothing’s stopping this monster!
SON OF BEAST… Going head-to-head with the BIG boys!
LUMBERJACK… He’ hauling a heavy load!

monster truck tour 4
Additional Features:
PIT PARTY & DRIVER AUTOGRAPH SESSION...Come early, meet the drivers, get autographs and take photos with the drivers and their Monsters.
Pit party pass must be accompanied by an event ticket.
monster truck tour 5
FREESTYLE MOTOCROSS… The best of the best will be performing sick tricks! including: roof scrapping Cliffhangers, Double Grabs,
Superman Seat Grabs, and of course THE BACKFLIP!

RIDE TRUCK…That’s right! Get the ride of your life on-board a real Monster Truck during the Pit Party and Intermission!
monster truck tour 6
Pit Party Information:

Order a VIP ticket and Party in the Pits with the stars of the MONSTER TRUCK DESTRUCTION TOUR! Didn’t score VIP tickets? Don’t worry, you can purchase a Pit Party Pass for just $10! Party with the Drivers starts 90 minutes before show time and ends 30 minutes before show time, every show.
monster truck tour 7
Event Notes:

Event will be indoors. Loud noise and exhaust fumes should be expected.
Not recommended for children under 2 years of age.
No video cameras, or professional extended lens cameras allowed.
Event length approximately 2-3 hours.

Venue Information:

Save 50% off selected merchandise! – Enjoy savings off selected merchandise on location! Not to be combined with any other offer. Click HERE to redeem offer. 
monster truck demo tour


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Our Plan For More Family Movie Nights! #DataAndAMovie

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #DataAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

data and a movie

With a husband, 5 kids and an insanely busy life, I truly do not know how I would do all I do without technology. Our family is seriously “connected”. I love what technology has done for us, the doors it has opened, the lives we can touch and the lives that can touch us because of it. I can earn a living without leaving my home, no commute to some cubicle in corporate America. I have the ability to build my own dream and put my ideas in motion. The possibilities are truly endless. Technology not only opened those doors but it helps us all stay connected and on track. Smartphones are a given but with them we need a great data plan. What good is having a Smartphone if you are getting charged out the you-know-what whenever you use or go over you data plan.

I was at Walmart the other day and saw the newly lunched Walmart Family Mobile Plus Plan. This is a great new service plan that features Unlimited Talk, Text & Data; 10GB 4G LTE. Oh and to further sweeten the deal this new plan includes one free VUDU move per month per line.  All of that for only $49.88 a month! With a family like mine that can mean 5  free VUDU movies every month! Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to this INFORMATION or your local Walmart for current pricing.


Our son Ethan has been bugging us for a phone and frankly it is something we have been considering as he is getting more involved with extracurricular activities and playing on sports teams. As he gets older, there will be more sports and activities. It will make Mom and Dad feel better knowing we have a way to let him know if we are running late or a way he can call or text us with anything. When I was at Walmart and saw the great price they had on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, I picked it up. It was an amazing deal!

The phone is great, touch screen is very responsive, call sound is clear and crisp, phone is large enough to view recipes or photos in a good resolution. Music sounds great, could not be happier with it.

Walmart Family mobile new


wfmp 2

wfmp 3

wfmp 5


wfmp 7

With  all that data, I can do more and save more! When I am out shopping one of my favorite apps is Price Match.  That app lets me scan the UPC code of any product and in seconds tells me who has the cheapest price. Since most stores match prices, that app alone has saved me hundreds of dollars.  It really helps to have a plan like this because I use my phone so much.

I am always texting my husband a list of things to pick up at the store, texting my older kids, checking the weather when traveling, looking up  phone numbers, finding restaurants or stores when traveling and on vacation and so much more! There are so many uses for data and so a plan like this is so awesome! The free VUDU  movies, they are the icing on the data cake! A time to unwind and sit down for a family movie night is always a good plan. Oh and one rule-phones off!

We love the time to disconnect from our phones and spend that time connecting with each other and sharing a special movie together. We make a night of it with popcorn and movie theater candy. Hey I have even been checking out some great movie night treats on this Samsung Galaxy Grand via a Food App.

wfmp 9

wfmp 11

wfmp 10

Let me know if you are going to check out this great plan. If you do, feel free to let me know about any great movies you watched. With 5 free movies a month I can use those recommendations!


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Sweet Gift For Kids This Valentine’s Day That’s Not Bad For Their Teeth!

Would you like to get your kids a sweet gift this Valentine’s Day that won’t hurt their teeth. How about one that won’t have them bouncing off the ceiling from a sugar high? Well, I have a great suggestion. The new Sweet Scented Pillow Pets are an awesome choice that will thrill your kids with their softness, adorable looks and sweet, yummy smell.

Pillow Pet PUppy

There are 3 New Sweet Pets available:


yummi gummy pup

GummiPup’s fruity scent of the favorite colorful gummy candy is enhanced with a fun, playful pattern of gummy bears dotting the colorful and soft belly.  This pup is a treat for all of the senses!



Pupcake has a scent just like fresh baked cupcakes hot from the oven.



pillow pet 1

CookiePup  smells like a yummy delicious chocolate chip cookie! Yummy puppy!

We recently had the chance to see for ourselves just what these sweet, cuddly cuties are like. CookiePup arrived at our house and was instantly showered with cuddles. He smells so good and of course, just as all the pillow pets, is cuddly soft and the perfect place for my little guy to rest his head. He could not wait to test him out. We love pillow pets in this house and my boys have several that have remained favorite sleepy time buddies. This sweet pup is so cute and so yummy smelling! He fits right in like he has always been one of our Pillow Pet family members.

If you are looking for a sweet gift that will be around long after Valentine’s Day, take a look at the Sweet Scented Pets. They are adorably delicious folding plush with subtle scent patches that remind you of childhood favorite treats!  Huggable and definitely lovable, these stuffed animals are perfect as a gift, room décor, travel buddy or overnight friend. Perfect for playtime, sleep time, or anytime, Sweet Scented Pillow Pets are surface washable and feature subtle, long-lasting scent patches

Giveaway-Enter For A Chance To Win CookiePup:

Pillow Pets is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win a CookiePup Sweet Scented Pet . Thank you to Pillow Pets for the review product and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Pillow Pets, Sweet Scented Pet Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Win a Family 4 Pack of Tickets To The Big Apple Circus!

You might remember my previous posts about the fun we have attending The Big Apple Circus.  I don’t know who looks forward to it more, me or the kids! The Big Apple Circus is such an incredible circus. All the action is under the big top and all the seats are up close and personal to the action. We are planning another trip to see their new show in just a few weeks. Major excitement has already set in. I am super excited to let you know that they are giving me a Family 4 Pack of tickets to give away to one of my readers.  Now the tickets are non-transferable and the winners name will be submitted to the ticket office. You will have to show a photo ID with that name in order to pick up the tickets. They are good for the performance on Thursday, February 18th at 6:30 pm in Bridgewater, NJ. This year’s show is .called The Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour Header, NJ

THE GRAND TOUR is a circus extravaganza set in the 1920s and featuring acts from the four corners of the globe. Ships, trains, automobiles, and airplanes will serve as the backdrop for breathtaking acts of wonder, accompanied by the seven-piece Big Apple Circus Band playing live at each of more than 100 performances. Acts will include clowns, jugglers, acrobats, and aerialists, from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America, as well as domestic and rescue animals, all creating performances that will leave audiences smiling and cheering. The show runs 1 hour and 50 minutes including a 20-minute intermission.

circus 4

If you just can’t wait or need tickets for another location or date, I have a special discount offer for you. Save 20% on your tickets , use promo code BIGAPPLE  (that’s not just off one ticket, but the whole purchase).* (*Limited availability. Offer good on select seats and shows. Other conditions apply. Children under 3 are free when on the lap of a paid adult, one child per lap.)

big apple circus

Win A Family 4 Pack of Tickets:

So if you want to enter to win this family 4 pack just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Thanks to The Big Apple Circus for sponsoring this amazing giveaway and hope to see you under the big top!



Family 4 Pack of Tickets To The Big Apple Circus Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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LEGO FRIENDS: Girlz 4 Life Blu-ray Giveaway! #Girlz4Life

**Warner Bros. Home Video provided me with some of the materials I used in this Blog Post/Giveaway. The opinions I share are my own.**lego girls for life

There are few things as important in life as your friends. No matter how old you are, your friends are there to help you when you’re down, support you when you make mistakes, and be your rock when the going gets tough.

The new movie, LEGO® FRIENDS: GIRLZ 4 LIFE, is all about friendship, trusting yourself and standing up for what’s right no matter what the cost. All set to an awesome rock soundtrack you’re going to love! Join Olivia, Stephanie, Emma, Mia and Andrea as they learn that fame isn’t important, it’s your friends that count!

LEGO® FRIENDS: GIRLZ 4 LIFE brings to life (in animated form) the LEGO construction based toy LEGO® Friends. LEGO ® Friends invites girls into a universe, Heartlake city, and inspires them to use their imagination to build and role play their own stories with fun-loving relatable characters.

True Friendship in the Glamorous World of Pop!

Join Olivia, Stephanie, Emma, Mia and Andrea, as they learn about friendship, fame and pop star fun in Heartlake City.

The girls’ friendships are tested when mega pop star Livi comes to Heartlake City. When our friends’ hit song “Girlz” is stolen by Livi’s manager, it’s time for a cunning plan.

As the girls try to tell Livi the truth about her latest hit single, they all learn that fame isn’t everything and sometimes friendship is the most precious thing in the world.

Own LEGO® FRIENDS: GIRLZ 4 LIFE on digital HD 1/19 and on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD 2/2

Also be sure to visit the official L2M website to stay updated with all things L2M!

Lego Blu ray


LEGO® FRIENDS: GIRLZ 4 LIFE Blu-ray Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!! Please read the rules in the giveaway widget before entering.

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Outdoor Fun For All Ages!!!

Are your kids daring? Do you they love a challenge? Are they happiest when they are active and expending lots of energy?  If so, and you are in or will be visiting Orange Beach, AL, you might want to check out Sharky’s Family Adventure Park. It’s closed right now but they reopen for the season on February 13th! Sharky’s Family Adventure Park is a great  place to have family outings, birthdays and group parties.


Sharkys 2

sharky's 6
Sharky’s Family Adventure Park features a 32-foot tall, 2 level ropes course complete with 48 exciting elements including zig-zag beams, cargo nets, angled rope ladders, crisscross walks and more. Participants choose their own path through the elements and go at their own pace. The ropes course also has 2 Sky Rail zip line connections over 70′ long. Participants soar down the length of the ropes course on a self-guided zipping experience and over and over. Don’t forget the 18-hole mini-golf course! For young adventurers, there’s a specially designed Sky Tykes ropes course for kids ages 2-7.

sharkys big

sharkys 5

Mommy Ramblings’ Readers SAVE with this current COUPON – #SkyTrail @usfg. Let me know if you are planning a trip there.


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Here’s A Unique & Special Valentine’s Day Gift

Looking for a unique and special gift for Valentine’s Day?

How about something you won’t find in any store? One where you don’t have to guess about size or color? A gift that won’t have you wondering if they already have one? Sound good? I thought so, it is a completely customized magazine cover called YourCover that will show the ones you love how special they are!

your cover graphic 2

Where can you get one?

I was just getting to that, you are excited! It is easy to create a YourCover, all you need is a special photo. With YourCover’s online tool it is easy to create that perfect, one-of-a-kind cover in 3 easy steps.

Step 1-Choose a Template from a selection of over 80 designs

Step 2-Upload Your Photo (you can add an optional 2nd photo if you choose)

Step 3-Personalize The Headline


your cover graphic 4

your cover graphic 1

How Soon Can You Get It?

You are not a last-minute shopper are you? Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? No Worries, YourCover can be delivered instantly as a photo file download you can print at home. If you are one of the planner types buying your gift with time to spare, YourCover can print and frame your special cover (prints are $19.95 and frames range from $10 – $40).

YourCover  is a unique gift for birthdays, holidays and milestone events – Sweet 16, New Baby, Wedding, 1st Birthday, Anniversary, Sports, Dance, Music, Hunting, Fishing, & more.

your cover graphic 3

Want to save a little?

I know you do, who doesn’t? Mommy Ramblings’ Readers can  Save 20% Off  your entire purchase using the code USFGVD20 at

Let me know if you do take advantage of this offer and how that special YourCover came out.

your cover graphic


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Do You Want To Receive Free Product In Exchange For An Honest Review?

reviews 4 success header large

If you think being able to get free or deeply discounted products in exchange for your honest opinion sounds great, keep reading. If you have Amazon Prime, already have at least 10 product reviews written there, like testing and evaluating new products in exchange for leaving a well written review with original photos, you are in luck. Visit Reviews 4 Success and click on the reviewer tab in the menu. Then sign up to be a reviewer. You will then be contacted and sent an email with a link to our review panel. It is extremely fun, rewarding and addicting. Are you ready?


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