What To Look For In A High Speed Jump Rope

We recently reviewed the High Speed, Double Under Jump Rope from Inspired Fitness.  Maybe you are training or just like to jump rope and you are wondering what makes this high-speed jump rope different from the hundreds of others on the market.

High Speed Jump Rope

High Speed Jump Rope 1

Well, first this rope is put together with strict quality control to ensure you get the absolute best quality speed rope for your workouts.  The length can be adjusted easily with finger tightening screws, so you can go from user to user without needing a screwdriver to adjust the length.

High Speed Jump Rope 2

The handles are light and comfortable but they are super tough and the unique double bearing makes the rope not just faster but extends the life.  The cables are light, fast and kink-resistant for more intense workouts and minimal tangling.

My husband really liked the rope and it adjusted easily to fit our young son who did very well with it.  You can order your own right on Amazon and it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

See the rope in action in our YouTube video below:



We were provided with a jump rope to facilitate our review, as always our words and views are 100% our own.

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Enter Our Balance Project Giveaway! #BalanceProject

Did you read our post about The Balance Project?  I hope so, and to bring more awareness we are running a giveaway!  One lucky blog reader will win a Balance Project Gift Pack that includes:  Balance Bar tote bag, notepad, iPhone card holder and a box of (15) Balance Bars!

Balance Bar 1

Does that sound good?  I thought it would.  You can learn more about The Balance Project by clicking on the link above.  To enter the giveaway just use the Rafflecopter widget below.  Open to US residents.  Good Luck!  Keep That Balance!  Thank you Balance Bar for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!

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Are You Having Trouble Achieving & Maintaining Balance In Your Life?

I’m really excited to let you know about The Balance Project!  Did you know that research has shown that 98% of Americans believe that reaching and maintaining a balance in their lives is important but only 14% say they always feel balanced.  That’s a huge gap!  Balance Bar Company wants to help fill that gap and so the makers of Balance Bar, a uniquely balanced energy nutrition bar, launched The Balance Project.  The Balance Project is a multi-year, multi-platform program that is designed to open a dialogue that will help improve America’s level of balance.

Do What Matters

The Balance Project is an online hub to share ideas, day-to-day victories and challenges while having fun and joining others on a journey to sustain balance.  Did you know that research shows the most common ways Americans try to achieve balance is by keeping their finances in order and through activities that improve overall health like getting more/enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercising regularly.

Despite this, 2 in 5 Americans believe it’s difficult to find balance. Gabrielle Reece is the exclusive guide of The Balance Project.  Gabrielle, a worldwide fitness and wellness role mode, entrepreneur, wife and mom of three, will provide tips, advice and personal insights for addressing and achieving balance in these areas. Visit project.balance.com for Gabby Reece’s tips & videos on staying balanced.

“One the biggest reasons I see people fail at achieving their health and wellness goals is because they don’t go into a program with a balanced approach,” explains Reece. “I’m thrilled to share my perspective on balancing busy lives, families and work with healthy diet and exercise habits that anyone can incorporate into their lives.”

“One the biggest reasons I see people fail at achieving their health and wellness goals is because they don’t go into a program with a balanced approach,” explains Reece. “I’m thrilled to share my perspective on balancing busy lives, families and work with healthy diet and exercise habits that anyone can incorporate into their lives.”

Balancing Act
Balance is a very fluid goal, as our levels of balance are always fluctuating, even day-to-day and season-to-season. For example, Americans report being the most balanced on Saturdays, and the least balanced on Mondays. They also indicate that they are most balanced during the summer months, and least balanced during the winter months, when 61% of Americans report feeling unbalanced.

Gender Wars
According to the survey, 70% of male respondents indicate that they are more likely to feel balanced, while only 63% of women indicate the same. What are men doing differently? Staying calm. When looking for balance, ladies should take the idea of “don’t sweat the small stuff” to heart. In nearly every area tested, women are more likely than men to admit something has a significant impact on throwing them off-balance, including finances, sleep, health, and family.

Maternal Instinct
A mother’s work is never done, but at least she knows where to focus her attention to find balance. Nearly every single mom agrees that health (99%) and family and personal relationships (99%) are important to achieving balance in life. How can the busy mom get to a Zen state of balance? For starters, get outside. Enjoying nature (67%) and taking vacations (66%) are the top actions that have a significant impact on achieving balance for moms. Spending time with a significant other (63%) was revealed as the next most impactful way for moms to try to achieve balance.

Want to see and learn more?  Visit The Balance Project by clicking HERE!  Let me know what you think and how well you are achieving and maintaining a balance in your life.

The Balance Project Infographic


This is a sponsored post and I received product as part of a collaboration with Balance Bar.  As always my words and views are 100% my own.

*This study was conducted by KRC Research via an online survey of 1,002 American adults ages 18-64 from November 11-14, 2014.

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Pamper Your Hair With Caviar And Save Money! #NewNexxusCaviar

Did you know that spring is a great time to overhaul your current beauty routine and refocus how you care for your skin and hair.  Our hair can go through a lot in the winter and I plan to usher my  hair into spring with a bit of pampering.  A new cut maybe and some special care are on my hair care agenda.

How are you planning on pampering your hair?  How about treating your hair to caviar?  Think I’m kidding?  I’m not, Nexxus Therappe Shampoo & Humectress Conditioner as well as the new Encapsulate Serum are enriched with 100% Elastin protein and Caviar Complex that will rebalance, restore and replenish your hair and make it soft, manageable and nourished.


Did you know that Nexxus New York Salon Care products have been reformulated and they are available now at your local CVS?  They are, and if you head on in to your local CVS you can meet with a CVS Beauty Advisor and receive a coupon good for $1 off Nexxus New York Salon Care Systems products.  To find out if your store is participating you can check HERE!  The CVS Beauty Advisors can help you with beauty and style tips as well as helping you find the right Nexxus New York Salon Care products. Hurry though this offer is good only through April 26th!


This post was sponsored by Global Influence.  All of my word and views are as always 100% my own.

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How You Can Save Big On The Things You Need To Buy!


I’m a savvy shopper, it makes me happy when I can buy what I want for less. It is almost like a game to me.  I always check for extra discounts, promo codes and coupons before I make purchases.  Love technology and how I can pull up in store coupons right on my phone or order from a mobile device with codes I find online.

Saving money is always welcome in our budget. With a big family, anywhere I can save helps. I was really excited when I heard about Frugga.  Frugga.com is an online coupon search engine on steroids!  Searching for the latest promo codes is a breeze because Frugga works with thousands of online stores to get the best deals.  Besides being a one-stop coupon/promo code site, Frugga has an online community where you can interact with other savvy shoppers and vote on deals and coupons and how well they work.  Based on the votes, Frugga can rank deals and coupons based on popularity.

Hate finding out of date coupons and promo codes?  No worries with Frugga, their site is updated throughout the day, they have staff working round the clock to find the latest deals and remove expired ones.  With Frugga you will have more chances to get that awesome feeling of saving big on your purchases!

Frugga offers even more in their marketplace.  Working with manufacturers and suppliers to bring you the hottest products in fashion, electronics, toys, pets, computers, automotive, travel, home decor and more at huge savings!









Would you like even more rewards?  I thought you would. Frugga Social Rewards can be earned when you share content and you can earn points and win $10, $20 and $50 gift cards!


Add great customer service found at Frugga and you are on your way to saving more than you ever dreamed.  So what are you waiting for, check Frugga out now and join the community for savings that will help you save big on your budget.  Please let me know what you think and if you took advantage of any of the awesome deals!


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How SNICKERS® Almond Bars Bring “ME” Back #WhenImHungry

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

#WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

Snickers-I'm Not ME When I am hungry

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to actually feel temps that are spring-like. After the winter that never wanted to end with bone chilling temps for more days than I care to remember, I am rejoicing! I got to a point I started to think we were moving away from the sun. I know it sounds funny, but in my lifetime in the northeast I have never experienced a winter with months where we did not climb out of the single digits. So with the first few spring- like days we are taking full advantage and first on the agenda was bike riding. My little ones have missed that so much! Riding around the lake takes a lot of energy and as the mom of active kids, I can’t let hunger zap my energy or make me irritable.

When I am hungry, I’m not myself. I get impatient, frustrated and cranky. Not too much fun to be around. The thing is that hunger can just sneak up on you at any time. It’s essential that I have a way  to quickly take the edge off my hunger and continue with our activities. The other day I was in Family Dollar and saw they had packages of SNICKERS®Almond and SNICKERS®Peanut Butter Squares.

Snickers Collage

I thought the SNICKERS® Almond Bars would be perfect to have when I need a little something to stop the hungry feeling both physically and emotionally. SNICKERS® Almond has the perfect mix of almonds, chewy caramel, nougat and rich chocolate to satisfy my hunger. Best of all the bars are easy to tuck into a bike basket or bag so I’m  prepared for the hungries any time they strike.

Snickers 6

Out biking yesterday, my young ones were tearing it up riding around and around the lake. They were really expending lots of energy and mom and dad were keeping up and racing our little daredevils. Halfway around one of the countless loops we biked, we needed something to curb the hungry feeling, fast. We pulled our bikes over and I opened the bag of  SNICKERS® Almond bars.  They hit the spot and after a quick refueling, we were back on the road and were riding until dusk.


Snickers 7


Snickers 8

The bars are packed with almonds and so satisfying. SNICKERS®  is having a “Who are you when you’re hungry?” contest!  You can enter the SNICKERS® “Who are you when you’re hungry?” contest by uploading a personal photo or video from your Computer, Facebook, Instagram or use the SNICKERS® Meme Generator to create something new! Voting begins at Noon on 5/11/15 and ends at 11:59:59AM ET on 7/15/15. Check out great SNICKERS® recipes and fun stories on the SNICKERS® social hub.

If you are looking for a great treat to curb your hungries when you are out hiking, biking, walking, gardening or more, check out SNICKERS® Almond Bars or Peanut Butter Squares. Have you tried SNICKERS® Almond bars?  If so, I would love to hear what you think.


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Pregnant For Quadruplets at 65! How Old Is Too Old?

Older moms have been flooding the news the last few days.  There is the 61-year-old mom who carried her own grandson for her infertile daughter.  She is not the first to do this and it’s an incredible gift most are applauding her for.  There is a much more controversial older mom making headlines today.  Annegret Raunigk an elementary school teacher in Germany and mother of 13 is pregnant.

You may be amazed she is pregnant for her 14th child or given the Duggars you may find it not too newsworthy.  If I told you she was 65, you may find it newsworthy, but if I add that she is not just pregnant for baby number 13 but for quadruplets…I think it is fair to say you would be shocked.

Perhaps the biggest shocker would be that this elementary school teacher is 65 years old.  She is also not carrying the babies for an infertile child but to give a sibling to her 13th child that she gave birth to 9 years ago at the age of 55. Her naturally achieved pregnancy at the age of 55 was considered something close to a miracle. At the age of 65 though Annegret turned to fertility specialists.  Annegret’s other children range in age from 22 to 44 and she balks at being told she is too old to have more children.  She finds cliches about being too old exhausting.  I am sure having quadruplets at 65 or any age for that matter is the true meaning of exhausting.  However Dr. Holger Stepan, head of obstetrics at the University Hospital of Leipzig, called the pregnancy “an absolute disaster.” He told Berliner Morgenpost that it wasn’t just Raunigk who’s at risk — so are her four fetuses.

Annegret expecting quadruplets at age 65.  Photo credit RTL/Pfeiffer

Annegret expecting quadruplets at age 65. Photo credit RTL/Pfeiffer

Picture after the birth of her daughter naturally conceived at age 55. Photo credit ABC News.


Picture taken 2005 after birth of daughter at age 55.  Photo credit Japan Times.

As with any controversial topic, the public is also voicing their opinions.  Some are calling Annegret selfish and irresponsible.  Others are saying that the medical professionals that allowed this are at fault.  While others are voicing their opinion that it’s no one else’s business and more power to her.  I remember when I was expecting my son Ethan there was a woman Frieda Birnbaum, 60, from my home town in Bergen County, NJ that was expecting twins.  The twins were born and mother and babies did well but it was not without controversy.  Frieda also wished to give her young son a sibling as well as go against the stigma attached to older women giving birth.  Birnbaum and her attorney husband were married for 38 years and had two children at the time ages 33 and 6.  Mrs. Birnbaum went to South Africa for the fertility treatments that made her the oldest American woman to give birth to twins.

If all goes well Annegret will be the oldest mother to give birth to quadruplets.  So far the pregnancy has been free of major complications and she is due in the summer.  Annegret underwent several unsuccessful IVF attempts before becoming pregnant with the quads and was said to be shocked to learn she was carrying four babies.  She has not considered selective reduction in order to reduce the risks to her and the babies.

So what do you think?  Should people just mind their own business?  Are the doctors irresponsible?  How old is too old?  Should women’s rights mean that a woman can choose to have a baby at any age?  Let me hear what you think.


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Give Your Dog A Loving Nudge With Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats-#NudgeThemBack

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
#NudgeThemBack #CollectiveBias

nudge collage treats

We love our dogs, they are more than pets to us, they are family members.  We have three dogs and they are each very unique in personality and size.  Delilah is our big dog, a purebred American Bulldog and a loyal protector.  Delilah will watch the kids and if any animal or person tries to harm them, they won’t live to tell the tale.  As parents we feel blessed to have a dog that will protect our kids, it makes us feel great to know she’s around since we live out in the country.

Next, we have Zoey, our West Highland White Terrier.  Zoey is always there to “help” with any project.  She is also a fearless protector of our family and our home.  In typical terrier fashion she will be tenacious and persistent if some critter starts hanging around that should not be.  This is not always a great thing, a couple of weeks ago she had it out with a skunk and she was on the losing end.  Those skunks have an unfair advantage!

Last but not least we have tiny Sassafras (Sassy), our Maltese.   Sassy is a sweetheart who does not understand she is tiny.  If the other dogs go off to bark at some intruder, she will go right with them and give it her all.  Her spirit is much bigger than her stature.

The way we love our dogs, we want nothing but the best for them.  We make it a priority to feed them wholesome food and treats that will allow them to live a long, vibrant life. The other day I was in Walmart and saw new dog treats called Nudges® Grillers.  The clear window package showed the treats and they looked just like cuts of steak and chicken that had been freshly grilled.  I am more aware of the ingredients in dog foods and treats and was pleased to see that Nudges® were made in the USA with only USA sourced protein! The number 1 ingredient in the treats was real meat and they did not have artificial flavors or fillers!  These were treats I could feel good about feeding our girls, I picked up a few bags and headed home!

nudges in store photos

I was really impressed upon opening them, they smelled just like fresh grilled meat and they had a similar texture. One of my young sons asked if this was okay for him to eat, lol.  I told him no, but I think that is a great testimonial for how similar they were to beef or chicken fresh off the grill.  I like them because when we are grilling outside the dogs sit and sniff and want to be included.  Nudges® Grillers Beef and Chicken treats give us a way to include our dogs in our BBQ.  You can learn more and see the full product line up at nudgesdogtreats.com









The taste tests went over great and they just loved the beef and chicken Grillers.  Nudges® also has Sizzlers in Chicken Bacon and Beef & Cheese.  The Grillers and Sizzlers are available in 3 oz or 18 oz bags.  Given our brood, we went with the 18 oz. bags.  I noticed a value size of Jerky Cuts by Nudges® that I want to pick up the next time I am in Walmart.   Check out nudgethemback.com and see how other dog lovers are nudging their best friends and family members back.  You can also stay in touch with them on their Facebook page. So tell me, have you seen the new Nudges® dog treats?   Which ones do you think your dog(s) would like the most?  If you have tried them, I would love to hear what you and your dog thought of them.


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How Coffee Lovers Can Mix Up Their Daily Grind #MixCups

Are you a coffee lover?  We are, our house runs on coffee.  We all have individual tastes and like to brew individual cups of coffee.  The coffee is fresher, doesn’t sit in a pot getting warmed over and over and from cup to cup, we can change roasts and flavors.  What’s one of the easiest ways to have a large selection of roasts and flavors?  MixCups Mix of the Month coffee subscription is the easy way to get a great selection of coffee delivered right to your door. Each month MixCups  will send you a box of  30  cups selected from newly released, seasonal and tried and true single-cup coffees.  The single-cups are for use in Keurig® original K-Cup® brewers and K-Cup® compatible brewers.


We recently received a Mix of the Month box to try, I was so excited!  There was not one variety of coffee that I had ever tried before, a coffee lover’s dream!  I wasted no time and have been enjoying cup after cup of delicious coffee.  There were so many great varieties, Cake Boss, Marley Coffee, Brooklyn, Martinson and more. Mixed boxes like this are great when you are entertaining, you can be sure that there is something to suit everyone’s individual taste palate.



Mixcups 1

MixCups 2


MixCups 3

MixCups 4

The variety pack would be great as a hostess or thank you gift.  Who doesn’t like coffee? Oh, you like tea better, no problem because they have single cup tea too!  You can choose from a Mini Mix (10 assorted coffee or teas), Mix of the Month (30 assorted coffee or teas) and the Mega Mix (60 assorted coffee or teas).  You can send a gift to someone right on the website and you can also order packs of coffee as well as the mix boxes.  If you want to try a subscription, it is super easy and you can cancel whenever you want.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  Stay in the loop by following MixCups on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


This post was sponsored by BrandBacker.  As always my words and views are 100% my own.

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Say Goodbye To Soggy Sandwiches For Good!

Americans consume over 45 billion sandwiches a year!  Sandwiches are a great lunch option and very cost-effective compared to buying lunch out.  With more people packing lunch from home, the problem of soggy sandwiches was one that needed a solution.  No one wants to eat a soggy sandwich for lunch and yet that was the fate of many a sandwich by lunch time.  Now you can say goodbye to the soggy sandwich for good!  Perfect Sandwich is the patented, one of a kind solution to transport all your sandwich ingredients separately.



When lunch time arrives you can open your Perfect Sandwich and create a fresh sandwich from the separated ingredients.  The PerfecCHILL Technology keeps your sandwich ingredients within the USDA guidelines for perishable foods of under 40 degrees F for over 5 hours at room temperature and under room temperature for a full 8 hours.

Perfect Sandwich-Container

No need for plastic sandwich bags, foils or plastic wraps which are wasteful and bad for our environment not to mention costly.  The BPA free, Perfect Sandwich container is dishwasher safe and durable so it will last for years!  You can also use it for more than sandwiches adding to the versatility and expanding lunch options.  You can visit No More Soggy Sandwich on Facebook

Perfect Sandwich-Colors

Enter to win a Perfect Sandwich below!  Good Luck!!!


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