MAGFORMERS Magnetic Construction Set Review & Giveaway!!!

magformers LOGO new LUX

My kids are fascinated by magnets and love creating things.  MAGFORMERS gives them both in colorful construction sets that  foster brain development through fun and educational exploration. With high quality, durable construction and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities are endless!  When we received this set, I’m not sure who was more excited to open it.  My boys and both my husband and I were having a blast creating different structures and showing them off to each other.  This is a toy my kids have come back to over and over and would also be wonderful in a classroom setting as well.  Everything is quality and it’s a toy that can be handed down and still be going strong when the next generation arrives!


Magformers 8

Magformers 10

Magformers 9

Magformers 11


Magformers 1
Magformers 3
Magformers 4
Magformers 6
Magformers 7
MAGFORMERS is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog winner will win a MAGFORMERS Building Set!  Thank you MAGFORMERS for the review set and for sponsoring this awesome giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.
MAGFORMERS, Magnetic Construction Set Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:
Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Win an Orkin Scientific Back-To-School Prize Pack!!! #OrkinMan

“Daddy longlegs are poisonous.”
“Mosquitoes prefer adults over children.”
“Ants can survive underwater.”

You’ve heard the myths about bugs before. Do you know what’s fact and what’s fake?

Take Orkin’s Scientific Fact or Scientific Fake™ Quiz to test your knowledge, and be sure to watch every clip for the scoop on these infamous bug myths.


Orkin uses the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop a treatment that’s right for your home and your needs. To learn more about pest control that’s based in science or to schedule an inspection, visit or call (844) 503-8251.  You can keep up with Orkin on Facebook, Twitter and their YouTube channel.


Would you like a chance to win an Orkin Scientific Back-To-School Prize Pack? If you would just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck! Open to US residents.


orkin scientific prize pack

The Orkin Scientific Back-to-School PRIZE PACK includes: 
- Clip-on Fisheye Lens (iPhone, Galaxy, Android compatible)
- Orkin On-the-Go Drink Tumbler
- Orkin Drawstring Bag
- Orkin “Field Notes” Notebook w/ Pen

Giveaway Rules: Each household is only eligible to win One (1) Orkin Fact or Fake School Pack via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.  Open to US residents.  Giveaway prize is sponsored and provided by Orkin LLC.

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Peekaboo Barn, Lift-The-Flap Board Book Review & Giveaway!!!

Candlwick Press Logo

Peekaboo Barn is an adorable new Lift-The-Flap  book based on the iconic toddler app Peekaboo Barn will thrill fans with its tactile feel and keep them busy with lots of flaps to lift in this sturdy board book. And for those who’ve never seen or played the app, the barn setting, adorable animals, and sound words make this a book for the very young that easily stands on its own. Includes a free app with purchase!

Written by Nat Sims and illustrated by Nathan Tabor the book is suitable for ages 1 month to 3 years. Little hands will love opening the barn doors to discover the animals inside.  This book makes a great gift for any young child!



Peekaboo Barn, which celebrated its fifth birthday in early 2014, has been played over 85 million times worldwide.

Night & Day Studios recently unveiled an updated look to their classic app that features vibrant colors, more robust and playful animations and three new farm animal friends. The app includes twelve different language options, as well as a feature for caregivers and children to record their own voice in the app.

Enter The Giveaway:

Candlewick Press is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win a copy of Peekaboo Barn, A Lift-The-Flap Board Book!  Thank you to Candlewick Press for the review copy and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Candlewick Press, Peekaboo Barn, Lift-The-Flap Board Book Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!


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Join The Mighty Fight Against Childhood Cancer With Auntie Anne’s & Alex’s Lemonade Stand!!!


As the mother of a cancer survivor, I was 100% on board  when approached to spread the word about Auntie Anne’s Pretzels partnering with Alex’s Lemonade Stand to raise money to fight childhood cancer.  The founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand was a four-year old girl named Alexandra “Alex” Scott.  She was born to Liz and Jay Scott in Manchester, Connecticut on January 18, 1996, the second of four children. Shortly before her first birthday, Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer.


 To date, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation,  has raised more than $80 million toward fulfilling Alex’s dream of finding a cure, funding over 450 pediatric cancer research projects nationally.  Watch the video below to learn how this amazing girl took lemons and made lemonade to raise money and help kids with cancer.


The facts are startling. One in every 330 children develops cancer before the age of 20.  Auntie Anne’s is continuing the fight against childhood cancer by teaming up with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation with the goal of funding 10,000 hours of research to find cures for the mini but mighty fighters battling cancer.  Now through  September 15th , Auntie Anne’s will be asking guests to “join in the mighty fight against childhood cancer” by visiting their local store and purchasing an Auntie Anne’s customized pretzel ribbon icon for $1. As a token of appreciation, Auntie Anne’s will provide a coupon for $1 off the next purchase of any pretzel product and drink. One hundred percent of proceeds collected through the in-store campaign will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

This is Auntie Anne’s third annual nationwide fundraising campaign for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. To increase awareness of the mighty fight against childhood cancer, the iconic pretzel brand launched a social fundraising campaign that began July 28th.  Across the country, donors will be able to show their support by donating to the mighty fight online and receiving a coupon for their next visit to Auntie Anne’s.

I would like to introduce you to Elijah, he is the Mini But Mighty Hero Of The Week!  Elijah is from Little Rock, Arkansas and he was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma in August 2005.  After much research, prayer, and careful consideration, the decision was made to travel 1,200 miles from their home in Arkansas to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  For the past five years, Elijah has been able to receive the help he needs.  He is fighting hard every day!



Auntie Anne’s has been partnering with Alex’s Lemonade Stand since 2011 to find cures for children who are in the mighty fight of their life against cancer. How can you help? By donating, you’re helping Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation fund potentially life-saving cancer research. Here is what your donation could fund:

  • $5: Supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation one cup at a time
  • $15: Provides a gas card to help a family drive to a hospital for treatment
  • $25: Funds a half hour of childhood cancer research
  • $50: Funds one hour of childhood cancer research
  • $100: Enables a family to reside at a nearby hotel so they can stay close to their child receiving treatment
  • $400: Funds one day of childhood cancer research

If they reach their goal of $35,000, they will help fund 700 hours of childhood cancer research! In appreciation of your donation, Auntie Anne’s will email all donors a $1 off coupon, valid at participating U.S. stores, within 7-10 days after your contribution. Want to make a donation to The Might Fight?  No donation is too small so just click HERE for the campaign page and show your support today!

Don’t have anything to give? You can still help, all you need to do is click!  For every share of the Mighty Fight campaign, Auntie Anne’s will donate $0.25  towards childhood cancer research. You can find the “Share” button on the  campaign page

To keep up to date with Alex’s Lemonade Stand you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter , YouTube and Pinterest!

Follow Auntie Anne’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram!

A donation to The Mighty Fight was made in my name to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation as a thank you for my participation in spreading the word about this worthwhile cause.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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Poopsies, Waterproof Onesies–Your Ally For Baby Blowout!!! Enter Our Giveaway To Win One!!!

Poopsies Logo

Parenting is a dirty job!  New babies can be a challenge for even seasoned parents.  One of the messiest parts of training is dealing with baby blow outs.  If you don’t know what a baby blow out is, you probably are not yet a parent.  There is a stage that babies go through that is commonly known as the “blowout stage”. This stage is due to the undeveloped nature of the baby’s digestive and excretory system. What was previously wholly supported by the placenta is now developing on its own. This causes the stool of the newborn to be similarly immature. The formation of the baby’s excretion will miss certain steps that sustain the poop to some degree causing it to be loose and unruly. As a result, a diaper will have a hard time containing the liquid-like substance that all parents hate.

If a blow out happens at home, it is easier to deal with but if it happens when you are out, it is much more complex.  I still remember when my son Ethan was only a few weeks old.  My husband and I went out, it was a nice day and we stopped in at a restaurant.  I was seated at a table while we waited for our food and Ethan was in his infant car seat on the table.  In a nano second the scene went from peaceful and relaxed to sheer chaos as he had the dreaded baby blowout.  It was a mess like no other and he of course started crying and when I tried to pick him up discovered how extensive it was and had to get out of Dodge before we grossed anyone out.  I am not even sure of exactly what I did but I motioned to my husband that we had a situation and he told them to make our food to go as he and I ushered our poop filled newborn out to the car.  In the car we went through what seemed a box of wipes, had to bag up his clothing, clean the car seat as best we could and then my husband ran in and picked up our food and we headed home.  

I am sure nearly every parent has a story that can relate to the one I shared and if not, you are one of the lucky ones who escaped.  There is a sort of insurance policy against the “oozing” effects of a baby blowout and it is called Poopsies.



Poopsies are unique onesies for babies that contain a special lining made of waterproof, breathable material that effectively protects against diaper leaks and blowouts, saving time and money for busy parents.  The unique waterproof lining in a poopsies keeps diaper blowouts from getting out and ruining clothing.   The baby diaper blowout mess that you see in the image to the right is actually contained in the poopsies on the left.  The blowout doesn’t get through, keeping outfits and everything around baby safe from stains and inconvenient mess.


Poopsies are made of satiny smooth cotton / rayon blend that stretches with baby and machine-washes beautifully.  All poopsies contain a special, unique lining that is made of waterproof, breathable material that is often used to make diapers, changing mattress covers, and bibs. 


poopsies are:

  • Breathable (no diaper rash)
  • Stretchy, with complete recovery
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lint free
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof

Lilah Poopsie


Want to win a Poopsie?  Then enter our giveaway where one lucky blog winner will win a long sleeve 3-6 month Dakota Poopsie!  Thank you to Poopsie for sponsoring this great giveaway and for the onesie!!!  Open to US residents.

dakota (1)

Poopsie, Dakota, Long Sleeve, Waterproof Onesie Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget.  Good Luck!!!

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Orblue, Propresser Garlic Press Gives You The Garlic You Crave Without Stinky Hands!!!


Do you love to cook with garlic but hate the peeling and mincing of the garlic cloves?  Do you hands smell like garlic for days after peeling and mincing?  If you answered yes, I’ve got good news. The Propresser Garlic Press is what you need!  Right out of the box you will see that the Propresser is a cut above cheap zinc alloy garlic presses.

Garlic Press

Garlic Press1

Garlic Press 2

The Propresser is made for 100% stainless steel that won’t rust or weaken at the joint.  This garlic press was designed to meet your needs for years to come.  The company is so sure that their press is the best they give custoerms a double guarnatee for the lifetime of the product.  If anything goes wrong they will not only refund your money but send you a brand new unit too!  You do not have to peel the cloves and it presses the garlic right out leaving the skin behind.  The press is comvortable and it is so easy to effortlessly produce minced garlic for all your cooking needs.

Garlic Press 3


I tried it first with an unpeeled clove, super easy and fast.

I tried it first with an unpeeled clove, super easy and fast.



In goes unpeeled garlic.

In goes unpeeled garlic.


The garlic pressed just as easy and left the skin behind in the basket.

The garlic pressed just as easy and left the skin behind in the basket.

Trying a bigger piece of unpeeled garlic.

Trying a bigger piece of unpeeled garlic.

Garlic all minced just as easy.

Garlic all minced just as easy.

And the skin is left behind.

And the skin is left behind.

Yummy Garlic Bread!

Yummy Garlic Bread!

Garlic Press 15

Garlic Press No More Smelly Hands

When you are done, clean up is just as easy!  All you need to do is flip up the Propresser Garlic Press’s basket and rinse or put right in your dishwasher.  You can buy the Propresser Garlic Press at  Happy Pressing!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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REACT Sidekick Sends Widespread Alerts With Just One Press–Show Your Support on Kickstarter!!!

REact mobile logo

At Mommy Ramblings we are truly inspired by creative minds taking their vision to the next level.  KickStarter has made it easier for  inventors to bring their creative project to life.  Robb Monkman is one of those creative minds using KickStarter to fund his React Sidekick device.  This Sidekick is transforming the way people call for help in an emergency.  If you’ve ever worried about your safety or the safety of a loved one, you are going to be excited about the React Sidekick, a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with our free app putting security within reach when it counts. React Mobile app was launched over a year ago and development on that software has not ceased, it soon became clear that the app alone was not enough.


The React Sidekick gives individuals peace of mind that is right at their fingertips without having to reach for or find thier phone, unlock and make a call.  The Sidekick button sends out a wide spread alert with just one press.  When someone clicks the React Sidekick, their trusted contacts will receive an emergency alert email and text message letting them know where you are and that you need help.  The Sidekick can also be set to post emergency alerts on Facebook and Twitter.  As the mom of a daughter who lives an active life and runs and bikes in NYC, believe me this is great news!

React Collage use it when

The React Sidekick’s modular, gender neutral design makes it accessible to anyone. The React Sidekick is perfect for those with an active lifestyle, and brings peace of mind when: Running alone, walking through parking lots, meeting new clients and dating. With the React Sidekick, you can easily alert a wide network whenever your phone is out of reach and the button can be worn on a clip or keychain carabiner. This device is also a great tool to give to children and teens so they can easily call for help in an emergency.  Show your support and learn more about  the React Sidekick on KickStarter!!!

React Sidekick Collage


React Sidekick Features

  • Small modular design that easily clips onto clothing
  • Compatibility: Apple iOS 7.0 or later of iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, iPad 3rd and 4th Generation, iPad Mini, and iPad Air iPodTouch 5th Generation or Later
  • Panic button pairs with the React Mobile app when in range of a user’s phone
  • Frequency Range: ISM Band 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth Version: BT 4.0 Low Energy
  • Active Range: 0–30ft / 10 to 30m
  • 1+ Year Battery Life
  • Suggested MSRP $49.99, the React Mobile app is free for users in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores

 Learn more about the React Mobile safety app here: and you can follow on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

react button to phone image

 React Team

Robb Monkman, CEO and Co-Founder

  • Leads React’s product development, branding initiatives, and sales.
  • Decade+ of marketing and management experience at multiple software start-ups.
  • Served as the Marketing Director for a company specializing in emergency communications software.
  • Experience launching multiple products.

 Rob Bangerter

Hardware Product Lead—COO

  • Leads React’s hardware development and company operations.
  • Highly successful track record helping organizations build the operations side of the business into world-class structures to support growth. Deep expertise in the consumer products industry from concept to market.
  • Part of team that created world’s first app-enabled game accessory for the iPad.


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Our Summer Journey With Safety 1st!!! #OurSummerJourney

Living in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York is like being on a great vacation all summer.  We live on a lake, and people who live here relish when they can spend a week or two vacation at the lake.  We are so blessed that we live here and get to play here every day!!!

This is what it's like living on a lake in the summer!!! Out with the kids on the Walk On Water Mat and being circled by my cousin and neighbors.  #OurSummerJourney

This is what it’s like living on a lake in the summer!!! Out with the kids on the Walk On Water Mat and being circled by my cousin and neighbors. #OurSummerJourney

Besides the lake there is so much to do and we recently took a few day trips that were so much fun!  We went to the Wayne County Fair in nearby Pennsylvania, we gathered rocks as we spent some time on the Delaware River that we will use for a rock painting and landscaping project, we went blueberry picking and made a scrumptious blueberry pound cake.


Blueberry Picking, Day Trip #OurSummerJourney

Blueberry Picking, Day Trip #OurSummerJourney

Our Summer Journey River

Spending some time on the Delaware River-Day Trippin’ and #OurSummerJourney with Safety 1st!!!


When we take day trips we are gone all day and the kids like to sleep on the way there and usually fall asleep for the night on the way home.  It is important to me that they are comfortable and safe in the car.  That’s why we love Safety 1st car seats.  The  Advance SE 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat is safe and super comfy for Luke and he sleeps like a baby in it!  It has a nice big cup holder and it’s a super safe seat that is reinforced with steel.  The Air Protect® advanced cushion system protects his head, where it’s needed most and the GCell HX™ patented foam with hexagonal shapes inside the seat provides superior body protection.  The seat provides full body side impact protection and that gives parents peace of mind!  This seat as well as the new one for Ethan that is just a bit delayed surely make #OurSummerJourney day trips much easier!

#OurSummerJourney-Safety 1st-- Advance 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat features Air Protect + to keep children from 5-65 pounds safer in the car.

#OurSummerJourney-Safety 1st– Advance 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat features Air Protect + to keep children from 5-65 pounds safer in the car.

We took a great day trip to the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania and the kids had an awesome time.  There was a big Monster Truck show and so between the rides, animals, show, food, exhibits and more it was very late when we were driving home.  It is nice that a seat so safe is so comfortable!

Petting The Goats at the Fair!!!  #OurSummerJourney

Petting The Goats at the Fair!!! #OurSummerJourney

Fair Rides-#OurSummerJourney

Fair Rides-#OurSummerJourney

Having a Blast! #OurSummerJourney

Having a Blast! #OurSummerJourney

The Fun Slide-#OurSummerJourney

The Fun Slide-#OurSummerJourney

Slip Sliding Fun-#OurSummerJourney

Slip Sliding Fun-#OurSummerJourney

Riding The Swings--#OurSummerJourney

Riding The Swings–#OurSummerJourney

Great Memories-#OurSummerJourney

Great Memories-#OurSummerJourney



View From the Ferris Wheel-#OurSummerJourney

View From the Ferris Wheel-#OurSummerJourney

#OurSummerJourney-Fun at the County Fair!!!

#OurSummerJourney-Fun at the County Fair!!!

Carousel Fun-#OurSummerJourney

Carousel Fun-#OurSummerJourney

A Fun Filled Day-#OurSummerJourney

A Fun Filled Day-#OurSummerJourney

Time For Ice Cream-Time For an Ice Cream Headache Oh NO!!!  #OurSummerJourney

Time For Ice Cream-Time For an Ice Cream Headache Oh NO!!! #OurSummerJourney


Quick Recovery #OurSummerJourney

Quick Recovery #OurSummerJourney

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Send Kids Back To School In Style With an I See Me! Personalized Lunchbox & Enter To Win One!!!


I See Me’s  personalized lunch boxes make your child feel special every day! Each one of their lunch boxes features your child’s name on multiple sides. On the inside lid, there’s a chalkboard where you can write a personalized note to your child each morning!  These lunch boxes are great because you can comfort a child who is just starting school with a special note or picture from mom or dad inside the chalkboard lid.  Your child will look forward to lunch and the message or picture will remind him/her that you love them and will see them at the end of the school day.

I See Me Lunchbox

I SEE Me Open Lunchbox

These boxes are good for more than lunch, your child can use them to store special treasures and they make a great way to present a gift for a new baby or any child.  My kids love to keep special collections in theirs and carry them around.  Whatever way they are used, you and your child are sure to find them very handy.  They come in a variety of designs that appeal to boys and girls ages 2-12.  Lunch Boxes are safe for food and constructed of lead-free tin. Wash with soap and water, do not put in dishwasher.  Chalk is not included. 
I See Me Lunch Box Planets


I See Me Lunch Box Desk


I See Me Lunch Box Desk Open
Right now through 8/13 you can save 25% on the lunch boxes!!!  Save even more by using the code UNIQUE and take $10 off $40 purchase through 8/31!  Shop Now By Clicking HERE and save big!!!

Visit for the best personalized children's gifts.


I See Me! is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win a personalized lunch box of their choice (subject to availability).  Thank you I See Me! for the review product and for sponsoring this great Back-To-School Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

I See Me! Personalized Lunch Box Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good Luck!!!

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Schwan’s Can Help You Prepare Healthy Dinners As The Kids Head Back-To-School!!!


Summer is such a great time and we just seem to have more freedom, the kids are out of school, we abandon much of the rigid scheduling that’s a huge part of our lives during the school year.  When kids start back to school it’s a big adjustment.  Not only is your child in a new grade, new class, with a new teacher but it’s a transition back into a fixed routine.  We have to be more conscious of time and kids need to eat well to stay focused, alert and healthy.  Schwan’s can help you prepare healthy meals for your family that don’t take all day to prepare.

schwans grill

For over 60 years, Schwan’s Home Service has provided superior frozen foods with convenient home delivery. Their foods are flash frozen at the peak of freshness and flavor. Customers can choose from USDA Choice meats, wild-caught seafood, flavorful skillet meals, Grade A fruits and vegetables, plus their heritage ice cream, distinctive desserts and much more.


Schwan’s offers delicious foods to satisfy everyone, including family members with special dietary needs including:

- No gluten ingredients
- Vegetarian
- No sugar added
- Heart healthy
- Low calorie
- Low sodium choices

Schwan’s has weekly specials, coupons, online hot deals and new customer special offers. Join the Schwan’s Rewards program and earn 5% back on every online purchase, to be used on a future order.

schwans ice cream
100% Guarantee! Love It or Return It! If you’re unsatisfied one of their products – for any reason – they will gladly replace it or provide a refund.

Mommy Ramblings’ Readers Save $ On Your First Order at Schwans Home Service! – $5 off $25 Order – Coupon Code: JULIEN2
$10 off $50 Order – Coupon Code: JULIEN2
$15 off $75 Order – Coupon Code: JULIEN15
Click HERE To SAVE!!!

schwans bars

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